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by Pascal LandoltKevin Kyburz 01/01/2019

It was late summer 2018, when we got together over yet another cold beer after a tech-event at the lakeside of Zürich, Switzerland.

At that time, Kevin was already successfully leading a blog, while Pascal was living his passion for writing as an online editor. Both shared a common excitement for everything beeping and flashing with a screen since we were young.


That’s when we realized we needed a common place to celebrate technology and gadgets. An oasis of tech, where we could exchange views, opinions and our passion for computers, smartphones, televisions and all the other gadgets with like-minded people all over the world.

The world of Tech in a nutshell

That place, we – Kevin Kyburz and Pascal Landolt – now have finally found. After months of preparation, many discarded concepts and the kind support of some very talented graphic artists and designers, today we’re opening the door to Techgarage.

Here, you’ll learn all about the most relevant technical novelties. In our reviews, you’ll read about the strengths and weaknesses of the newest gadgets on the market while we’ll also deliver you comprehensive summaries of the headlines causing buzz in the world of tech and start-ups.


For us, Techgarage is our perfect play area and first row seat to experience the newest developments in the tech industry. We’ll be there when new technical masterpieces are being unveiled, and we’ll also be among the first to test the newest gadgets when they hit the markets. This, of course, in order to share our impressions with you first-hand.

Our very own test score algorithm

For our reviews, we have developed our very own testing system. This algorithm accounts for a wide variety of different factors and should help you answer the question: «Is this the right device for me?». In addition, all our reviews from 1st of February onwards will include an individual test score for each tested device. This will help us express the quality of the products at a glance – and also make it easier to compare to others.

Staying ahead of the curve

Of course, this algorithm – just like technology itself – will continue to evolve and constantly be refined and fine-tuned. Right now, though, we’ll be launching with Version 1.0 as of January 2019 and of course we’re curious to hear from you: How do you like our website? Are you getting enough insight from our reviews? What would you like more of? Please let us know – and always stay ahead of the curve by subscribing to our Newsletter.


We hope you enjoy reading and browsing Techgarage as much as we do enjoy building it.

Pascal Landolt

Pascal Landolt

Pascal is a Tech Enthusiast and passionate Storyteller – and combines those two passions as Co-Founder and Editor at Techgarage. He currently lives in Zug, but actually calls the whole world his home.

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