Tesla Model 3 tops charts as the #1 best-selling car in Switzerland

by Pascal Landolt April 9, 2019

Tesla has sold 1,094 Model 3 in Switzerland during the month of March 2019, according to the sales statistics of «Auto Schweiz». This puts the US-manufactured electric car at the top of the Swiss sales charts and also marks the first time an electric car takes the number one spot in the alpine country. For March, Tesla as a brand achieved a market share of 4,3 percent in Switzerland – also a new record mark for the manufacturer.
The second-most sold car during that period was crowd favourite Skoda Octavia with 801 units sold, with other big names such as VW Golf or Audi A3 in the top ten.

Tesla even more dominant in Norway

Auch in anderen Ländern scheint die Auslieferung des Model 3 grosse Wellen zu schlagen: In Norwegen, dem Spitzenreiter in Sachen Elektromobilität, drückte die Ankunft des «günstigen Tesla» die Elektroauto-Verkäufe auf dominierende 58% des Gesamtmarktes.
Tesla’s success also has wide implications in other markets: In Norway, the front-runner in all things EVs, the arrival of the «mass-market Tesla» pushed EV sales to a staggering 58% of the market, as «» notes.


Tesla is having a run with its Model 3. In Switzerland, the car reached #1 spot in sales for March 2019, while Tesla as a company holds a market share of 31% in Norway.

These figures are achieved even though the long-awaited 35’000 USD-Model 3 Base Version isn’t even available yet in Europe. It’s conceivable that the arrival of the most affordable Tesla yet might also bring movement into other markets on the continent.

Techgarage’s Take: Let’s further accelerate from here

The Model 3 turns out to become a bestseller: It already finished 2018 on the top spot of the worldwide electric car sales, and now it’s #1 in Switzerland among all car types – including ICEs.
And yet, there’s one thing to say about these impressive figures: «Sales» in this statistic means newly registered cars. And as March marked the first month the Model 3 arrive into Switzerland in volume, it was somehow expected to do well in its month of arrival. Let’s not forget: Many customers had been waiting for over two years between order and delivery. Which in turn gave Tesla enough time to curb demand.
The sales numbers in the following months might give us even more insight on whether or not electric transportation has really arrived in Switzerland. One thing’s clear: We’ll keep a watchful eye on the development and can’t wait to see the super sweet and super swift Tesla on our home roads.

Tesla Finland Snow Ice Driving

Feels right at home in frosty climate: «Techgarage» tested the Model 3 on snow and ice.

Pascal Landolt

Pascal Landolt

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