Snapchat could be about to unveil a gaming platform

by Kevin Kyburz 03/18/2019

Snapchat is reportedly set to unveil a new gaming platform. According to Cheddar (via Tech Radar), which cites a person familiar with the matter, the platform will be announced next month and will feature a handful of games users can play within the Snapchat app.

The publication’s sources claim the idea will be unveiled on April 4 at a Snap summit in Los Angeles. The invitation for the event reportedly contains the tagline “Less talk. More play.”


Unfortunately, the article doesn’t give any information regarding which games will be available, or how exactly the platform will be set up.

It’s not surprising that Snap is launching a gaming service. Last year, it invested in Australian gaming studio Prettygreat, a company founded by the creator of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. It is also thought to have bought web-based game engine startup PlayCanvas, according to Business Insider.

Meanwhile, Chinese tech giant TenCent, owner of games such as PUBG, Clash Royale, and Honor of King, purchased a 12 per cent share in the company in 2017.


Mobile gaming was worth $46.1 billion in 2017, more than PC or console gaming

Mobile gaming is massive business and could be a good way for Snap to earn money. According to NewZoo’s Global Games Market Report, gaming on smartphones and tablets took an incredible 42 per cent ($46.1 billion) of the total gaming revenue in 2017. This compares to the $29.4 billion generated by PC games and the $33.5 billion generated by console gaming.

Unsurprisingly given these figures, Snapchat isn’t the only social network looking to improve its gaming offerings. The news came on the same day Facebook brought gaming to the forefront of its app by adding a dedicated gaming section.

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Kevin Kyburz

Kevin Kyburz

Kevin Kyburz is part of Generation Y, which grew up with a Windows 95 computer and the first PlayStation. Since he discovered the Internet, there are no limits.

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