Samsung video hints at foldable phone unveiling

by Kevin Kyburz 02/12/2019

Samsung Mobile has posted a video on its Twitter account that suggests it will unveil big foldable phone news at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on February 20.

The teaser begins with the phrase “The Future Unfolds” written in Korean, before showing various animations of the text bending and curving. The video then shows the date February 20, the day of the Galaxy Unpacked event.


It ends with an image of the number 10—presumably in relation to the fact that Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S10 at the event. The video is accompanied by the text “The future of mobile will unfold on February 20, 2019.”

Is this a confirmation Samsung will unveil a foldable phone on February 20?

The tweet is by no means a confirmation that Samsung will unveil its folding phone at the event. However, it does suggest the company will—at the very least—provide us with a significant update about the device.

If the company does unveil the phone on February 20, it would risk taking attention away from the Galaxy S10. However, it would also almost certainly mean Samsung would become the first major smartphone manufacturer to unveil a foldable phone. The only folding phone currently in existence is the FlexPai by Royole.What else do we know about the Samsung foldable phone?


What else do we know about the Samsung foldable phone?

Samsung gave us the first glimpse of its foldable phone back in November at the Samsung Developer Conference. The device it showed at the time had a 7.3-inch inward folding display with a 1536 x 2152 aspect ratio, and a second 4.5-inch 849 x 1960 screen on the outside.

However, we currently don’t know much else because at the Developer Conference Samsung took significant steps to hide the device. It dimmed the venue lights when it brought out the phone, and also kept it in a case.

Hopefully, Samsung will be more generous with information this time around.

Kevin Kyburz

Kevin Kyburz

Kevin Kyburz is part of Generation Y, which grew up with a Windows 95 computer and the first PlayStation. Since he discovered the Internet, there are no limits.

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