Samsung turns your wall into a TV with the 292-inch «The Wall Luxury»

by Pascal Landolt June 13, 2019

So you just bought a new 65″- or 75″-inch TV. Congratulations – that’s certainly cool but your puny monitor holds nothing against what Samsung just unveiled: «The Wall Luxury», the newest TV from the Korean manufacturer, starts at 73 inch and 1080p resolution. But thanks to its «MicroLED» modular system you can scale it up to 292 inch with an 8K-Resolution. That would be a whopping 7,4 meter or 24 feet in diagonal.
Which would allow you to turn a – relatively generously sized – wall at your home into a LED-wall to hook up your new «Nintendo Switch» to. And another benefit of installing «The Wall Luxury» instead of common wallpaper: The LED panel has a depth of less than 30 mm and fits into its surroundings thanks to the «Ambient Mode» which turns the surface of the screen into works of art or stylish wallpapers during the time you’re not using your TV.

Samsung The Wall Luxury 2 Techgarage

«Ambient Mode» turns your Samsung TV into works of art during the time you’re not actively watching TV.

You needn’t worry about the lifetime of your TV/Wall either, as Samsung quotes 100’000 hours for that. The other specs aren’t too shabby, either: Image refresh rate is at 120Hz and HDR Technology on these LED panels is supposed to give you a brilliant picture with a brightness of up to 2’000 nits.

The price: If you have to ask, it’s probably not for you

What we know: «The Wall Luxury» will be available from July 2019. What we don’t know: How much it would cost us to cover one of our walls at «Techgarage» in those Hi-Tech LED Panels. But as usual in this market: If you need to ask about the price, you’re probably not the target demographic.
There’s a nice side effect to this extravagant solution, though: It makes Samsung’s «simpler» QLED TV models look like bargains – as for example the 98-inch, 8K «QE98» for the suddenly reasonable price of 60’000 Swiss Francs / US Dollar.

Pascal Landolt

Pascal Landolt

Pascal lebt für Technologie und schreibt leidenschaftlich gerne – und als Mitgründer und Redaktor von Techgarage kann er diese beiden Passionen miteinander verbinden. Er wohnt in Zug, aber eigentlich nennt er die ganze Welt sein Zuhause.

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