Samsung has begun to mass-produce new 12GB RAM for smartphones

by Kevin Kyburz 03/14/2019

Samsung has begun to mass-produce a new type of 12GB RAM for use in smartphones. The company says the RAM is the “industry’s first 12GB low-power double data rate 4X package.”

Why do we need 12GB RAM?

According to Samsung, the RAM will help power phones with more than five cameras, those with large displays, and phones with artificial intelligence and 5G capabilities. The company says it will enable better multitasking and faster searches through apps.


Samsung was able to build the 12GB RAM by combining six 16Gb PDDR4X chips manufactured using a 10nm-class process into a single package. The company says the memory will deliver a data-transfer rate of 34.1GB per second.

While Samsung doesn’t say which phones will use the new RAM, the feature list it mentions suggests it could be used in the upcoming Galaxy Fold and the 5G Galaxy S10. Samsung is expected to release both these devices in the coming months and they both come with 12GB RAM.

There is also a 12GB version of the Galaxy S10 Plus. However, according to SlashGear, this uses an older type of RAM build using a 20nm process.


Prepare for more phones to get more RAM

Samsung says it plans to more than triple the supply of 8GB RAM and 12GB RAM in the second half of 2019. This suggests not only will we start to see more phones with 12GB RAM, but phones with 8GB RAM could become more common.

Remember, it was only summer last year that Samsung announced its first phone with 8GB RAM—a high-end version of the Galaxy Note 9.

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Kevin Kyburz

Kevin Kyburz

Kevin Kyburz is part of Generation Y, which grew up with a Windows 95 computer and the first PlayStation. Since he discovered the Internet, there are no limits.

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