Samsung Good Lock 2019 works with Android Pie/One UI

by Kevin Kyburz March 13, 2019

Good Lock 2019 is now available for Samsung devices running Android Pie. The update brings all the customization options found on Good Lock 2018 to One UI phones, as well as adding a couple of extra features. Here is a look at everything you can do with Good Lock 2019.

The complete guide to Good Lock 2019

Good Lock 2019 has seven main apps and five family apps. These allow you to do everything from changing the way multitasking works on your phone, to customizing the look of your device. You can download Good Lock via the Galaxy Store on your Samsung phone. Alternatively, you can download the APK here (via Android Police). A word of warning, the app is only available in the U.S., South Korea, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and the U.K.


Lockstar allows you to customize your phone’s lock screen. You can change the background, the clock, the apps shown on the screen, and the displayed items. You can also customize the placement of all these objects on the screen.


Quickstar allows you to customize the quick settings menu at the top of your phone. Things you can adjust include the color of the text and menu, as well as which icons are displayed. You can also change the background blur effect and reposition the clock in the quick menu.
Perhaps my favorite part of this app is the “Notification Popup Button.” This allows you to open notifications straight into a popup window from the pull down notification menu. You can then see to the notification without interrupting what you were doing previously.

Task Changer

Task Changer
Task Changer allows you to change the layout of the task changer menu. You can choose from a stack, list, carousel, or—my personal favorite—a grid. You can also choose to blur the background.
The app also changes the way multitasking works when compared to how it works on One UI by default. Instead of hitting the app’s icon and selecting how you want to open the app from a menu, you can simply drag the app to the part of the screen you want it to open in. In my opinion, this is much more intuitive.


Routines allows you to set up how you want your phone to behave after certain triggers. For example, you can set it so power saving mode automatically turns on when your battery hits a certain level, or tell your phone to enter do not disturb mode when you connect to your work wifi.


ClockFace lets you customize the clock on your phone. In total there are over 40 styles to choose from. You can also edit the color and the placement of the clock.


MultiStar is perhaps my favorite of all the Good Lock 2019 apps. It lets you bypass some of the limitations found with the default multitasking mode, giving a more powerful experience.
Perhaps the best thing about it is it lets you stop apps from pausing when in multi-window. This means you can do things like play games and watch videos at the same time. You can also force all apps to open in split screen mode, even those that wouldn’t normally. While Samsung says this could cause apps to not work properly, I haven’t had any issues so far.

Navstar allows you to configure the navigation buttons at the bottom of your phone. As well as choosing the style of the icons, you switch it so the buttons are aligned to the right or left of your phone, making one-handed operation easier.
You can also add buttons to the navigation bar, such as a screen capture, or pause media. Finally, you can change the background color of the navigation bar.

Good Lock 2019 Apps Family

As well as the main apps, there are a bunch of family apps that add further customizations. Here they are:

Nice Catch

Nice Catch is an app that shows you which apps are performing certain functions on your phone. For example, it will show all the apps that vibrated or changed the call mode on your phone.

One Hand Operation Plus

My favorite Good Lock family app. One Hand Operation Plus allows you to add navigation gesture to the side of your phone.
For example, you can set it so a diagonal swipe upwards from the right side of your phone opens the multi-screen menu, a straight swipe goes home, and a diagonal swipe down goes back. You can also change how sensitive the phone is to gestures, as well as where exactly the navigation bar is positioned.
This is perfect for those who find it a struggle to hit all the navigation buttons with one hand when they are in their regular positions.

EdgeLighting Plus

EdgeLighting Plus lets you customize the edge lighting effects that display on your phone. You can adjust the color, width, transparency, and duration of the effects.


If you find yourself accidentally touching the side of your phone too often, you can use EdgeTouch to change the size of the areas where your phone doesn’t register touches.

Sound Assistant

Sound Assistant allows you to change your phone’s sound settings. This includes the volume of individual apps (perfect if you have a pair of headphones that are too loud) as well as set up scenarios for how your phone sounds at different times.

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