New Nintendo Switch: Stunning Concept Images we wish were real

by Pascal Landolt 06/04/2019

Rumor has it that Nintendo is planning to release a new and updated version of its popular Nintendo Switch console this fall. The goal of the refresh is – as WSJ states – to make the console «brighter, thinner and more energy-efficient». That would mean replacing the current LCD-Display by an OLED Screen and maybe making the Joy-Cons non-detachable in order to remove complexity from the console.

Not content with waiting for a few more months to see what Nintendo will be serving us, Canadian Industrial Designer Olivier Raymond went ahead to himself imagine what the new Switch cold end up looking like. We must admit we totally fell in love with his design and wish Nintendo would take some inspiration from Raymond’s work, which he calls «SwitchUp». He even took the time to design a suiting (and adorable) packaging box to go with the console.


SwitchUP Olivier Raymond Front TG

The concept design reminds us a lot of a mix between the New Nintendo 2DS XL and a Sony PlayStation Vita. All we know: We wish those were real and also «Pokémon Sword and Shield» would be out already so we could take this winning combo out to play. Let us know what you think! Would you buy a Nintendo Switch refresh if it looked like that?

SwitchUP Olivier Raymond Hover TG

SwitchUP Olivier Raymond Box TG

Pascal Landolt

Pascal Landolt

Pascal is a Tech Enthusiast and passionate Storyteller – and combines those two passions as Co-Founder and Editor at Techgarage. He currently lives in Zug, but actually calls the whole world his home.

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