Jony Ive leaving Apple: Was it out of frustration with Tim Cook?

by Pascal Landolt July 1, 2019

It was a news that shook the tech-community: Last week, we learned that «Sir» Jonathan Ive, long-time head of design for the iPhone company, would be leaving Apple. Of course the question as to «why?» came up shortly after. First reports now hint to the possibility that Apple CEO Tim Cook was at least a contributing factor leading to the breakup.
As the «Wall Street Journal» (via The Verge) now reports, Jony Ive was said to be «dispirited» by Tim Cook’s lack of interest in product design. It has been known for a long time that the chief designer and Apple Co-founder and its late CEO, Steve Jobs, used to have a very close relationship. Their connection was even described as the two being like «soulmates». Out of the Jobs-Ive-cooperation came iconic products such as the iPhone, the iPod or the new, then revolutionary iMac lineup from 1998 onwards.

«Jony and Tim looking at Apple Products»: Pictures apparently not staged

Apparently, that kind of affection and close cooperation never developed between Ive and Cook. According to «Bloomberg», this would explain the many odd pictures that have been surfacing after Apple’s presentation of new devices. Those pictures often showed Jony Ive explaining the newly unveiled devices to Tim Cook. Which for many tech-enthusiasts prompted the question: «Why are they doing that? – It will certainly not be the first time Tim Cook sees those devices up close?»

Apple Tim Cook Jony Ive Presentation

«Tim and Jony looking at things»: Those pictures are apparently not staged. New reports say that Apple CEO Tim Cook wasn’t as involved in hardware design and design decisions as was the late Steve Jobs. Was Sir Jony Ive frustrated by his bosses lack of interest?

Indeed do those new reports from WSJ and Bloomberg point to the possibility that Tim Cook set his focus at Apple rather on business development rather than tinkering away at new products. Steve Jobs on the other hand was known to be supervising every single step and detail on the development of new products.
Well possible then that Sir Jony Ive has had enough sitting in his secret design lab tinkering with new – but not really revolutionary – iterations of the ever same products. Apple will still be drawing inspiration from the design genius going forward, however: It is said that Ives newly founded design company, «LoveFrom», apparently secured a million-dollar contract with the iPhone company and will continue to cooperate with Apple.

Pascal Landolt

Pascal Landolt

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