Huawei P30 (Pro) Rumors: How Huawei might defend its photography crown

by Pascal Landolt February 24, 2019

While Huawei’s Mate Pro Series are considered their High-End Flagship devices, the chinese company also gets lots of attention for their P-Series devices. The latest Huawei P20 (Pro) Series cater to a lifestyle-aware audience and set themselves apart with flashy body colours and some serious kick-ass photography skills.
Last year’s Huawei P20 Pro claimed the crown on DxOMark’s scale, scoring 109 points by delivering «outstanding results» while its younger sibling Mate 20 Pro got to the same score by being – as the same outlet states – a «Triple-cam juggernaut».
However, it’s not the time to rest on their laurels for Huawei, as Samsung is drawing for a tie of 109 DxOMark Points with their recently unveiled Galaxy S10+. In the meantime, the other chinese manufacturer – Oppo – has already unveiled a prototype phone with 10x lossless camera zoom abilities at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC, Feb. 25 – 28).

New year, new camera tricks?

So as we’re completing another full-year-circle with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the month of March that follows, the question on everyone’s mind is: How could Huawei possibly outdo itself once again – and defend that DxOMark crown?
Last year’s triple-lens on the P20 Pro was definitely a novelty in the world of smartphones. If it were up to us here at «Techgarage», instead of just one-upping this concept with a fourth camera, we’d probably rather go for an improved three-cam-setup for this model year. Even though – in an interview with german «Androidpit», Huawei Executive Walter Ji mentioned a 4-Camera setup to be in the works for 2019. This feature might be thinkable for the upcoming P30 Pro, but could also saved up for a release in a phone model later this year.

Huawei P30 Pro Confirmed Front

Small bezels all around, minimalistic «teardrop» notch: Here’s how we at «Techgarage» imagine the yet-to-be unveiled Huawei P30 Pro to look like.

Zooming in on another photography title

At the P20 Pro’s unveil in late March 2018, Huawei – and especially Executive Director Richard Yu – was very proud of its phone’s zoom capabilities: With a 3x optical, 5x «hybrid» and 10x digital zoom, great detail could be captured from afar and made the P20 Pro a great device for taking on a photo safari.
Then, in October, the Mate 20 Pro brought us a wide-angle lens with a zoom ratio of 0,6 – and we liked it a lot. It helps shooting in confined spaces like clubs (paired with the amazing night shot) or your favourite tavern for example.

Camera zoom: Are we getting the best of both worlds?

So how about Huawei incorporates both zoom functions in a new P30 Pro? We could imagine the world’s second-largest smartphone manufacturer taking its zoom capabilities a step further: How does a 5x optical, 10x «hybrid» and crazy 30x (or even go all in for a ridiculous 50x?) digital zoom paired with the 0,6x zoom for indoor shots sound?
The question is: Would a 5x optical zoom be asked too much? In the aforementioned interview from late 2018, Walter Ji hinted to the fact that Huawei was working on a 10x zoom for a future device. We really wouldn’t be overly surprised, then, if the manufacturer implemented a 5x or 10x optical zoom into their next camera-centric devices – the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro.

What would a Camera lens with «Ultra-Zoom» possibly look like?

There have in fact been attempts to pull off such a feature in a smartphone before. Chinese manufacturer Oppo brought a working prototype to 2017’s MWC, as «The Verge» reports. And even though the huge, square lens opening does look a bit «beta» – would it really be unthinkable to incorporate this into a 2019 flagship phone?

This year, Oppo went on to one-up itself with the aforementioned giant zoom prototype phone. Unveiled at the «Oppo Innovation Event 2019» at Barcelona’s MWC, this yet-to-be-named smartphone features a telephoto lens with an optical 10x zoom.

Oppo’s «lossless» 10x-Lens is conspicuously angular but seems to be delivering great zoom-capabilities.

So is Huawei about to go all-in on zoom? A recent Video on Twitter, posted by the company itself, and accompanied by the bold claim «#RewriteTheRules» at least points into this direction. The Video depicts photographic motives from afar, then zooms in on details. If this really is a teaser for things to come, this device could become a real zooming miracle.

Huawei P30 (Pro): More rumored specs

Smartphones of the «P30»-Series will probably run on a Kirin 980-SoC, which has been proven to be fast and reliable in Huawei’s Mate 20 Series already – leaked specs retreived by tech website «t3» seem to further confirm these speculations. Furthermore, we expect the fingerprint sensor be built in underneath the screen again – as it has been implemented in the Mate 20 Pro before.

Huawei P30 Pro Fingerprint Reader

We’re expecting to see a teardrop notch and an in-screen fingerprint reader on the Huawei P30 Pro.

The notch on the front screen might get a minimalistic «teardrop» design treatment – smaller notches have been largely implemented across the industry lately. As for the screen ratio: Our guess would be for a stretched 19,5:9 ratio for the P30 Pro, with the non-pro P30 sporting a 16:9 ratio screen.
Rumors have been coming up about the main camera sporting a resolution of 40 Megapixels on the main camera in the back. The camera up front on the other hand might implement 3D-facial recognition on the P30 Pro. This would allow the phone to be unlocked by facial recognition in addition to the fingerprint scanner, even without adding a second camera opening and thus allowing for the smaller notch.

When is the Huawei P30 Pro going to be announced?

Last year’s P20 Pro was announced on a special event in Paris, France on the 27th of March. It’s possible that Huawei wants to keep the competitor’s head start as small as possible – with Samsung’s Galaxy S10 being unveiled on the 20th of February.
We’re not expecting to see the Huawei P30 Series at Barcelona’s MWC Event on February 24th (14:00hrs MET) because that’s where Huawei will bring its first foldable phone – The Huawei Mate X — to the table, if early snapshots of billboards are any indication.
An additional event in Paris has already been announced by Huawei for March 26, though. So we’re setting our sights for a Huawei P30 (Pro) unveil in late March 2019 with a launch date in April.

Pascal Landolt

Pascal Landolt

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