How does a under-screen Camera in a Phone work? – Xiaomi explains

by Pascal Landolt June 6, 2019

When Oppo and Xiaomi unveiled their smartphone prototypes with under-screen cameras earlier this week, we rejoiced: Finally, there was a technology to put an end to these unsightly notches and cut-out cameras.
The question on everyone’s mind, though, was: How does this actually work? Now, Xiaomi senior vice president Wang Xiang tweeted a series of slides that describe the process of putting a camera underneath a screen, as The Verge and DPReview report. The slides don’t go into too much detail but rather provide a good first look on how shooting pictures through a OLED screen is actually feasible.
Tweet Xiaomi Wang Xiang Under Display Camera

Making use of a special kind of glass

According to the information provided by Mr. Wang, the display area covering the front camera is capable of turning transparent when the camera is activated by using what Xiaomi calls a «special-low-reflective glass with high transmittance». This would allow for light to pass and hit the lens and sensor. When the selfie camera is not in use, the display would just look and work normally.

Potentially even better results than current selfie cams

As with this solution, Xiaomi wouldn’t have to try to make the camera as small as possible, as they would with a notch or a cut-out, there’s more room for a larger sensor. This would mean the transparent display system would potentially offer better image quality than current front cam designs.

Xiaomi Camera under Screen Screenshot TG

No notch needed – and potentially even better picture quality: Xiaomi’s under-screen camera setup.

Pascal Landolt

Pascal Landolt

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