«Harry Potter: Wizards Unite» worldwide Launch set for June 21st

by Pascal Landolt June 19, 2019

After about a month of Beta-Testing its newest Augmented Reality (AR)-based mobile game in Australia and New Zealand, developer studio Niantic is officially launching «Harry Potter: Wizards Unite» to the public this week – accompanied by giant launch party in Los Angeles, California. «Wizards Unite» will be available in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store in the Regions of Australia, New Zealand the UK and the United States starting June 21st.
The newest mobile game by Niantic has been hotly anticipated by fans all around the world, with a similar success expected as the studio’s other big AR titles, «Ingress» and «Pokémon Go».
We at «Techgarage» have been fortunate enough to pre-test the game for a couple of weeks now in a closed Beta and have shared some impressions about «Wizards Unite» on our german site.

When will Wizards Unite launch in Europe?

It is not clear yet when exactly the game will launch in Europe and other parts of the world. If the «global» launch of «Pokémon Go» during the summer of 2016 is any indication, it might take another couple of days to weeks for the game to be officially available in most regions. We’re not doubting that developer Niantic is better prepared for a high influx of gamers this time, though. Here’s hope the servers hold this time.

Techgarage is writing the inofficial «Wizards Unite» guidebook

Not many people have had the chance to dive so deeply into this yet-to-be-released game as we have in the past few weeks and months. This is why we’re already working on a guidebook for you, our dear readers. Our guide to «Wizards Unite» is being published in cooperation with the Münchner Verlagsgruppe and Publisher Riva and will be released in German and English as printed book as well as digital E-Book.
This book should give you a good idea on how to get started in the game and where to earn XP and gold. It should also take you through the first few level-ups in a breeze. The relase is planned soon – please stay tuned while we provide you with all important updates as they become available.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: A brief explanation

«Harry Potter: Wizards Unite» is the next big AR-game released by Niantic – the studio responsible for the incredibly popular «Pokémon Go»-App.
Staying true to the game mechanics of its predecessor, players of «Harry Potter: Wizards Unite» will be able to view the gameplay world through a smartphone with their location in the game depending on the device’s geographical location.
The game allows players to fight against mythical beasts from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises, all while disovering secrets in the «Muggle World» by traveling around the real world.  Players will be able to choose their wizarding house, their wand, and their profession: Either Auror, Magizoologist or Professor.
We’re not gonna spoil too much just yet – but rest assured it’s a big, big world full of spells, magic and fantastic beasts. There’s a lot to discover – and we’re looking forward to embark on this adventure with you.

Pascal Landolt

Pascal Landolt

Pascal lebt für Technologie und schreibt leidenschaftlich gerne – und als Mitgründer und Redaktor von Techgarage kann er diese beiden Passionen miteinander verbinden. Er wohnt in Zug, aber eigentlich nennt er die ganze Welt sein Zuhause.

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