Galaxy S10 has ‘most color accurate display’

by Kevin Kyburz March 5, 2019

Much of the focus on the Samsung Galaxy S10’s display has been on the hole punch that houses its camera and the fingerprint sensor underneath. However, a recent report by DisplayMate has heaped praise on the OLED panel itself

What do Display Mate like about the Samsung Galaxy S10’s display?

The video diagnostics company gave the Samsung Galaxy S10 its highest ever Excellent A+ grade. It said the phone has the “most color accurate display that we have ever tested” and that it was “visually indistinguishable from perfect.” High praise indeed.
That’s not all Display Mate liked about the OLED panel, however. It also pointed to the 1,214 nits brightness as a major (17 percent) improvement over the Galaxy S9 that means the phone has better visibility in bright light.
It also said the display’s colors stay consistent when the viewing angle changes, and that it has record peak luminance, color accuracy, and intensity scales, independent of on-screen image content.

This is just the latest great display from Samsung

Samsung always gives its flagship phones great looking panels. In fact, the Galaxy S9 also set Display Mate records.
Furthermore, Samsung is said to manufacture the OLED panels Google uses for the Pixel 3XL, the previous holder of the Display Mate title. The company is also thought to make at least some of the OLED panels used on the iPhone XS Max, another phone with a highly rated screen.
Those wanting to check out the Samsung Galaxy S10 display for themselves won’t have to wait long. Samsung will release the phone on March 8. Excited?

Kevin Kyburz

Kevin Kyburz

Kevin Kyburz gehört zu der Generation Y, welche mit einem Windows 95 Computer und der ersten PlayStation aufgewachsen sind.

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