Apple Watch Series 3 – Everlasting Battery on Your Wrist

by Kevin Kyburz 12/19/2017

Ever since there have been smartwatches, I’ve had one on my wrist. For me, they’re one of the most important use cases for contactless payment. With Twint and other providers, you still have to dig out your smartphone, which in my opinion is no different from having to fish around for your wallet. With Apple Pay, though, all you have to do is hold up your watch and pay.

For several weeks, I’ve owned an Apple Watch Series 3, which now for the first time is continuously connected to an LTE network through the so-called eSIM, so that I don’t need a Bluetooth connection to my iPhone X.



Appearance – The Red Dot

Apple Watch Series 3 Red PointFrom the outside, the third generation of Apple Watches looks just like the last one. But if you’ve chosen the version with LTE, you’ll have to get used to the red dot on the digital crown. My view is that, depending on the color and material of the watch, the dot can look pretty cool. If you’re anxious about the overall picture, bear in mind that the dot is virtually unnoticeable during the course of your daily routine.



Inner Workings – Battery Saver

With the new S3 dual-core processor and W2 wireless chip, the Apple Watch has gotten a mighty boost in performance and has repeatedly impressed me in terms of its battery life. Because in spite of the 18 hours that Apple’s website mentions for the 1 and 3 Series, I have the feeling that my Series 3 will surpass that time by twice as much and that I won’t have to plug my watch into the socket right away every night.


watchOS 4 – Eye on Health

Apple Watch Series 3 Heart RateWith the new Apple Watch came also watchOS 4, with its emphasis on user health data. Assuming you’ve been inactive for 10 minutes, it will warn you if your heart rate goes over a predetermined value. Using an activated barometer, the smartwatch now also measures your elevation while training. I even get credited for my output during my daily trek up the stairs, which means that I can get in a little workout in the stairwell.



LTE – A Watch without the iPhone

While jogging, I used to always get really annoyed that I would have bring my iPhone and cash if I wanted to listen to music or pay for something. Since I never knew how long I’d be running, I could also never decide on a playlist and would just stream the music.

Thanks to Swisscom, we now have eSims, which are easy to set up. I can also now leave home without my iPhone, stream music via AirPods, pay with ApplePay, and make phone calls.

In my phone test from the Apple Watch to the Apple Watch with AirPods, I noticed no difference in comparison to the iPhone, which was a positive surprise for me. Unfortunately, you still can’t access WhatsApp with the Apple Watch, so the messages just go to your iPhone.

Making a phone call, surfing, or texting from outside the country also doesn’t work, in spite of my awesome subscriptions. Hopefully, the network service providers will issue an update soon, and the watch will then be connected.

Apple Watch Series 3 Nike

I have to honestly say that, more and more, I like having the Apple Watch on my wrist. In the meantime, we’ve accumulated a decent selection of wristbands at home, and I have fun matching them to my daily outfits. On its own, the watch wins you over with is long battery life and LTE function, which for me means that I can safely leave my iPhone X lying around without worrying about missing something. For the future, it would be great if WhatsApp could find its way onto the device so that we could also view those notifications on our wrists.

The Apple Watch is available through Apple starting at CHF 369 or from CHF 449 for the LTE version.

Kevin Kyburz

Kevin Kyburz

Kevin Kyburz is part of Generation Y, which grew up with a Windows 95 computer and the first PlayStation. Since he discovered the Internet, there are no limits.

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