Apple to plan the 2021 iPhone with In-Screen TouchID and additional FaceID

by Pascal Landolt August 6, 2019

Back in July, we heard rumors that Apple was planning an iPhone with an In-Screen fingerprint sensor. This feature was set to be implemented in more affordable versions of the iPhone specifically aimed for the chinese market. But now renowned branch analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is adding more credibility to these rumors: An iPhone with TouchID embedded in its screen is supposedly set to hit markets in 2021. It’s also said to be complemented by FaceID, Apple‘s face-unlock system.
Kuo further speculates that this In-Display unlocking tech could also be used in the Apple Watch in the future. For a screen that size, TouchID might be more suitable than FaceID. So far, the Apple Watch has omitted biometric unlocking and instead used a PIN code – or was to be unlocked by pairing it with the iPhone.

Double the safety for locked phones

A combination of TouchID and FaceID would make sense insofar as that the security of a phone would be further enhanced. Acting a bit like a 2-factor-authentication (2FA), a hacker would have to master two biometric hurdles in order to gain access to the smartphone. In general though, Apples unlocking methods have proven to be very safe, even though a group of hackers had claimed to have tricked its TouchID shortly after it had been released back in 2013.

How far is the technology along?

Apple is not always among the first with the implementation of new features into its phones. The iPhone company is known for taking its time and implementing new features only when new technologies are sufficiently advanced and have proven to be reliable.
Other smartphone manufacturers have thus taken the lead with in-display fingerprint sensors: For example Samsung with its Galaxy S10+ or Huawei with the P30 Pro, which both sport this feature. The Vivo Apex 2019 takes the concept a step further by offering touch unlock on the whole area of its screen, as opposed to just a set area.
Oppo and Xiaomi on the other hand have recently unveiled a pair of smartphone prototypes featuring a selfie-cam that’s invisibly hidden underneath the screen. Maybe that would be an option for Apple, too, in order to offer FaceID without a notch. Only time will tell.

But first: The iPhone XI

With all this speculation surrounding a possible 2021 iPhone – let’s not forget that’s more than two years in the future. First, we’ll be seeing Apples 2019 iPhone, the purported iPhone XI, which will probably be unveiled sometime in September. Concerning its design, maybe there’s not so much to look forward to, though.

Pascal Landolt

Pascal Landolt

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