Apple launches new AirPods with Wireless Charging and «Hey, Siri»

by Pascal Landolt March 20, 2019

It’s only Wednesday, but Apple is already at 3/3 this week for a new product unveiling every day: On Monday, we got an new iPad Air and iPad mini, while on Tuesday, Apple refreshed its iMac desktop computer.
Today brings us the second generation of AirPods, Apple’s wireless headphones. In their updated version, the AirPods feature a new H1 chip that the company claims will offer improved battery life, a optional wireless charging case and «Hey, Siri» support to activate Apple’s virtual assistant via voice control.

Wireless charging also for 1st-Generation AirPods

The new AirPods come with either the standard charging case or the new Wireless Charging Case. Each case holds additional charges for more than 24 hours of total listening time, as Apple claims. The Wireless Charging Case is compatible with the «Qi» charging standard and features an LED light indicator located on the front.
Owners of the first-generation AirPods can purchase the standalone Wireless Charging Case for a price of CHF 89 / USD 79.

Pricing and Availability of the new AirPods

AirPods with standard charging case will be available for CHF 179 / USD 159 and can be ordered on starting today and in Apple Stores starting next week, while AirPods with Wireless Charging Case cost CHF 229 / USD 199 with the same availability dates.

Techgarage’s take: Why are the new AirPods a big deal?

You could say that the improvements are marginal – but personally, I’m really excited for the «Hey, Siri» feature. It brings us one step closer to a future where virtual assistants are available upon voice request. And what’s easier to interact with your devices than just mumbling a quick trigger word? Not having to press any button means my hands remain free and might be a godsend for people with disabilities as well. Now if only Siri herself were a little more useful in her field of application…

Pascal Landolt

Pascal Landolt

Pascal lebt für Technologie und schreibt leidenschaftlich gerne – und als Mitgründer und Redaktor von Techgarage kann er diese beiden Passionen miteinander verbinden. Er wohnt in Zug, aber eigentlich nennt er die ganze Welt sein Zuhause.

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