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Techgarage went online on 1.1.2019, as replacement for the Kevin Kyburz Blog ( – currently redirected here).
We’re Kevin Kyburz and Pascal Landolt – and our passion is Tech. As you certainly know: All great tech stories start in a garage. That’s what Techgarage is all about: We’re here to bring you great reviews about the hottest gadgets, introduce you to the newest technologies and give you some insight into the trends and latest gossip from promising start-ups all around the globe.

Kevin Kyburz

Co-Founder and Editor

Should disassembling (and reassembling) a Windows 95 computer count as the beginning of a tech career, then Kevin stepped into the digital world as he was only 10 years old.
One year later, first Internet surfing attempts took place and when the early mobile phones finally became affordable, Kevin also thoroughly investigated them.
Already in 2009 Kevin started his own blog “” and laid the foundation for his official writing career in 2010 as a guest author for the online magazine “MacWeb”.
From 2014 to the end of 2018, Kevin then worked as a columnist for the Swiss commuter newspaper “Blick am Abend” and provided weekly technical support and hints in his tech column “Kevin explains” – both in the print edition and in the web magazine.
From 2015, Kevin also wrote as a freelance editor for “Blick”, Switzerland’s highest-circulation daily newspaper, and as a result still enjoys attending Facebook developer conference “F8” and Google’s developer conference “I/O” in the heart of “Silicon Valley” in California.
Since half a year Kevin works in the “Crypto Valley” in canton Zug where he pursues his growing enthusiasm for Blockchain and ICO`s.

Pascal Landolt

Co-Founder and Editor

Pascal took the start-up-approach and funded his first tech company, «Element5 Solar», at the age of 23, when he was a student in economics and sinology – that’s the studies of chinese culture and language. He then moved to tech-obsessed China to learn Mandarin and later returned to Switzerland to continue building up his company and at the same time travel the world as a Flight Attendant for Swiss Air Lines. Pascal changed career paths in 2015 to become one of Switzerland’s few full-time Tech Editors, reporting digital news for «Bluewin», a Swiss online News-Outlet – a job he attributes to his deep love for gadgets and tech – before further moving on to become head of storytelling at a start-up in the heart of the «Crypto Valley» in Zug, Switzerland.

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